Investment Strategy

The MMRF brings 25 years of insight and expertise as the leading organization for patient-centered myeloma research to the Myeloma Investment Fund® (MIF®).

Dedicated to identifying and supporting new therapeutic technologies with transformative potential for myeloma patient care, the MIF’s portfolio companies have advanced four new drug candidates for myeloma patients to clinical trials since its founding in 2019.

Why venture philanthropy works

Venture philanthropy applies the principles of venture capital – a type of financing in which investors fund startup companies with potential for rapid value creation – to invest with a charitable mission. The MIF applies the principles of venture capital to the development of new myeloma treatments.

Venture philanthropy funds from the MIF direct resources toward therapies and technologies with the potential to transform patient care by investing in the companies that are developing them early on. Importantly, the MIF is funded exclusively through charitable donations, and 100% of all returns from MIF investments are reinvested into the fund to drive further development of novel therapies.

Medical researcher looking through microscope.Medical researcher looking through microscope.

Because of the MIF’s mission-driven focus, the fund also offers a source of stability. The drug development process involves long timelines and a high degree of scientific risk, and many investors move in and out of the biotech sector depending on their risk tolerance.

The MIF, on the other hand, does not prioritize short-term financial returns. Our investments are mission driven – guided by our singular goal to accelerate the development of novel therapies which could lead to cures for each and every multiple myeloma patient. 

How we invest

The MIF balances three main factors when evaluating potential portfolio companies.


We fund technologies with the strongest level of scientific credibility for their stage of development.

Potential for transformative patient benefit

We prioritize investigational therapies with the potential to significantly improve care.

Potential for
financial return

We select portfolio companies and partners we believe will be able to attract significant funding from co-investors and provide a return to sustain future investments.

Why work with the MIF

With the capacity to provide access to reliable funding and world class scientific and clinical expertise, the MIF is a critical strategic partner to venture-backed companies in the field of myeloma. The MIF can drive success for portfolio companies by arming them with access to:



Focused on myeloma research in a competitive venture capital field



Robust molecular and longitudinal clinical data to help identify and validate targets of interest or better understand target patient populations for new therapies


Scientific and clinical expertise

Valuable guidance on preclinical and clinical studies to demonstrate value and support regulatory approval


Connections with biopharma, leading academic investigators, and others to help find partners for preclinical research, clinical trial execution, and potential exits

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