Our Investment Strategy

We power venture philanthropy
with the deep expertise, assets,
and data of the MMRF.

Our strategy is simple – leverage private capital to build a portfolio of financially attractive investments while advancing the needs of the myeloma community.


Step 1

We rigorously source, vet, identify and invest in companies and organizations with profound potential to transform how multiple myeloma is treated by focusing on a portfolio of therapies and technologies, with a strong emphasis on those specializing in novel modalities.


Step 2

We prioritize opportunities that will directly accelerate the state of multiple myeloma research and meet the needs of the multiple myeloma community by leveraging data and expertise from a wide array of sources.


Step 3

As our investments start to see returns, we’ll continue to reinvest 100% of profits directly back into research for new treatments until we’ve successfully delivered cures to all patients.

The Myeloma Investment Fund is a call to arms for philanthropists to help disrupt and de-risk investment in immuno-oncology through novel investment models as we push toward the cure for multiple myeloma, while simultaneously paving the way for future innovations and other novel investment opportunities. Structured like a private equity fund, the MIF has a minimum donation of $100,000. All private capital raised is recorded as a charitable donation and receives associated tax benefits at the time of contribution.

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