The first and only mission-driven venture philanthropy fund focused on accelerating a cure for multiple myeloma.

The Myeloma Investment Fund® (MIF®) invests in companies developing innovative therapies and technologies with potential to transform myeloma patient outcomes. 

Why venture philanthropy?

Multiple myeloma remains an incurable disease, and a challenging one to treat. There is an urgent need to develop new and novel treatment strategies to provide patients with more options to combat their disease.

Myeloma patient in hospital bed, talking with spouse, doctor, and nurse.Myeloma patient in hospital bed, talking with spouse, doctor, and nurse.

This task largely falls to early-stage, venture-backed biotech companies that take on a disproportionate amount of scientific and financial risk that can only be overcome with world-class expertise and reliable funding. Investing through the MIF enables us to provide financial and strategic support to advance a robust pipeline of new myeloma therapies forward and improve the probability of their success for patients.

The MIF & the MMRF

The MIF is a critical part of the mission of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation® (MMRF®) to accelerate a cure for each and every myeloma patient. With the MIF, the MMRF is able to drive the development of new therapies through funding and scientific and strategic guidance.

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Investment Strategy

The MIF is uniquely positioned to identify and invest in the most promising new therapies in development – and to identify innovative technologies that could change the landscape of myeloma research. Our investments are driven by our singular goal to accelerate the development of novel therapies which could lead to cures for each and every multiple myeloma patient.

We look for companies pairing great science and a strong potential for transformative patient benefit with the potential for a significant financial return to drive the MIF’s growth and sustainability. Importantly, as a philanthropic venture fund, 100% of our financial returns are reinvested into the fund to continue supporting the development of future myeloma therapies.

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Portfolio companies

The MIF can be a critical strategic partner to companies in the field of myeloma, with the capacity to provide access to needed funding and world class resources.

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With eleven active portfolio companies and more added every year, there’s always something going on at the MIF. See the latest news and updates about our investments.

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